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Classroombookings website

January 2021

Classroombookings is an open source room booking system for schools which started life in 2006.

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August 2020

Website development for Northumberland community organisation.

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April 2020

Website development for Changing Frontiers. Design by Jen Weaver.

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Bishop Auckland Table Tennis Club

November 2017

A new local sports club needed a content-managed website to help promote the sport and its activities within the community.

Creative direction and photography by Tiny Hound Media.

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Spennymoor Town Band

September 2017

The new Spennymoor Town Band website runs on ProcessWire.

It allows easy management of all content and cross-referencing news, events and venues.

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Bishop Auckland Radio Amateur Club

February 2012

The Bishop Auckland Radio Amateur Club website is a simple website, designed to provide information about amateur radio in the local area.

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Bishop Barrington School

September 2011

The Bishop Barrington School website is a multi-functional asset to the school, providing communication and marketing for the school between parents, prospective parents, visitors and the wider community.

The site includes multiple instances of video, download lists, and custom PHP code snippets.

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Bishop Auckland Schools Extended Services

March 2009

A bespoke development using the CodeIgniter framework, the BASES website lists activities held at schools and nurseries in the town.

The site included a protected administration panel allowing providers to add, edit and remove their own activities.

This website is no longer online.

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Railways on the Air

August 2008

Railways On The Air is an amateur radio special event to celebrate our railway heritage and promote Amateur Radio.

The website allows clubs and individuals to register their intent to take part in the event, and also to discover who else is involved.

Registered stations can be displayed in a list or on a map.

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