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First Aid

July 2011

The First Aid Request system is a bespoke development for Bishop Barrington School, which enables staff throughout the school to request first aid assistance from any computer they are logged in to.

Requests are submitted via a form on the school's Intranet, which is then stored as a document in a CouchDB instance.

Requests are received and acted upon by the receptionist. The receptionist program is an Adobe AIR application which utilises CouchDB's _changes feed for instant updates, and plays an alert sound when new requests are loaded.

When the receptionist has contacted a first-aider, the request is marked as complete, and the member of staff who submitted the request is notified by email.

An online presence features is also included to prevent requests being submitted when the reception program is either not running or lost connection.

This is not open source and not available for download.

Tags: Application, PHP, Flourish, CouchDB, Adobe Air, Javascript
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